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At AC DC Inc. we understand that not all boat owners are also engineering gurus.  If you take some time to explore you will see that there is a lot to learn from our site!

Our goal to help you become more acquainted with your equipment so you are more prepared for the unexpected. We would like our website to be a one-stop-shop for all of your marine electrical needs and answers.

Let us know if there are any topics you are interested in learning more about, we have over thirty years of experience in marine electrics, and we are eager to share it with you!

Stay updated with, as we are making improvements daily and adding new features!

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Xantrex – AC DC Marine Inc is major distriputer for Xantrex inverters have revolutionized the way we live with independent mobile power systems, providing silent AC electricity anytime, anywhere. An inverter transforms the DC electricity stored in batteries into standard household AC power. With a Xantrex inverter you don’t have to rely on hard-to-find DC-powered appliances or a noisy generator to enjoy the comforts of home in your vehicle, RV or boat. Continue reading Xantrex

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ProMariner Pro Mariner is recognized as one of the leading brands in the boating industry, and for good reason.  With their products they have won the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, and they continue to be on the frontline of marine innovation.  With chargers for the occasional boater, devout boat-a-holic, to the professional user, Pro Mariner has products for everyone.  Look below to choose from our selection of their products. Continue reading promariner