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Programmable Tachometer with Digital Hourmeter 4000 RPM



The analog looking dial and pointer sweep is driven by a digital stepper motor providing greater accuracy and dependability than magnetically wound gauges. You get the advantages of digital instrumentation with the look and feel of the analog gauges.

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The Magnetic Pick-up Tachometer hook up to a magnetic pickup sensor which counts gear teeth. Here neither of the wires is grounded to block. They are both routed up to the tachometer as a twisted pair. One hooks to the signal terminal and the other to the ground terminal on back of the tachometer. The switch is set to the approximate number of teeth that the sensor sees on each engine revolution. Another adjustment on the back allows fine tuning to the exact number of teeth.  

The label is marked in ranges generally from the 80 to 200 gear teeth.
This Programmable tachometer will also function with a tachometer signal generator which is spun by the engines’ mechanical take-off. One of the signal generator’s wires in grounded to the engine and the other is connected to the tach’s signal terminal.
Please check the type of RPM signal your engine has, we have all three tachometers available for purchase.

  •  Mounting: Bracket Plastic mounting clamp. Clamping range 0 -.8” (0-20 mm)
  • Lens: Glass; These instruments are manufactured with a polycarbonate or glass lens which utilize an anti-fog coating. This coating eliminates fogging in the instrument.
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel
  • Current Consumption: < 100 mA, without illumination
  • Nominal Voltage: 14.2 volts
  • Operating Voltage: 11.5 to 16 volts
  • Storage Temperature: -22 °F to +185 ° F (-30 °C to +85 °C)
  • American Standard Resistance Rating (Ohms)
  • Operating Temperature: -4 °F to +158 ° F (-20 °C to +70 °C)
  • Display: Large Numerals – User Friendly
  • Torque: 5 to 7 inch pounds (.57 – .80 Nm)
  • Made exclusively for AC DC Brand Name by Faria® Instruments
Made In The United States
Full Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Gauge Specifications:

  • Works with Diesel engines
  • 10,000 hour hourmeter
  • Dial: Custom styles available
  • Pointer: Back Lit with Hub
  • Lens: Glass
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Display: 7 Character LCD
  • Backlighting: Diffused LED light for display.
    Graphics turn red when lit.
  • Signal Input:  Magnetic Pick Up Input
  • Min. Frequency: 1 PPR (33.33 Hz)
  • Max. Frequency: 200PPR (13,333 Hz)
  • Wire Termination: Packard Connectors
  • 4″ – Hole size: 3.375″ (85mm)

 Installation Instructions  Programmable Tachometer User Manual. PDF

Made in The United States

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Weight 1 lbs
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Black, White


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