Charging System for boatsWe have all the items you need for you complete battery charging system. Whether you are enjoying the outdoors in your RV or on the water sailing into the sunset, we’ve got you covered.

To choose an inverter; you should first define your needs. Where is the inverter to be used? Inverters are available for use in buildings (including homes), for recreational vehicles, boats, and portable applications. Will it be connected to the utility grid in some way? Electrical conventions and safety standards differ for various applications, so don’t improvise.

Get everything you need to install your new inverter/charger in one package with an AC DC Inc Pro-Kit!  Kits include lugs, heat-shrink, and switches everything you need to complete an installation that is safe and secure.


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  • 2000W Xantrex Inverter/Charger Freedom SW 12V

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  • Cole Hersee 12V Insulated Continuous Duty Latching Solenoid 24200

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  • ProMariner PRONAUTIC 12V – 3 Bank Charger

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  • 24V Xantrex Inverter/Charger FREEDOM SW3024

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  • Xantrex TRUECharge2 Battery Charger, 12 Volt

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  • Mastervolt Power Charger 12 V Series

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  • 3000W Xantrex Inverter/Charger FREEDOM SW, 12V

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  • Continuous Solenoid 24V 200A – 24214-BX

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  • Xantrex LinkLITE Battery Monitor

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  • Amptech Alternator 12V 125Amp w/ Adjustable Saddle

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  • Xantrex PROwatt SW2000 Inverter

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  • Xantrex Echo Charge Auxiliary Battery Charger

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  • Xantrex Freedom Remote Control Panel

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  • Xantrex Freedom SW Xanbus Automatic Generator Start

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  • Xantrex FREEDOM SW Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP)

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  • Fuse Holder with 8 Gauge Wire

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Showing 1–16 of 73 results