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Corrosion Monitors



Metal parts underwater are subjected to two basic types of corrosion: galvanic corrosion & stray current corrosion. Your boat, propeller, & motor may be harmed if not correctly monitored with AC DC Inc. instruments and avoided. 

Galvanic corrosion caused by nearby grounded steel structures may occur when you dock your boat & use shorepower.

Marine electrolysis can be avoided in most cases, by simple, practical techniques:

1. Defining areas that are most vulnerable to electrolysis.
2. Monitoring, both above and below the water line. (above is not sufficient)
3. Knowing the location of the sensitive sites in all thru-hull fittings. Bonding wires are usually attached to thru-hull fittings with wires to zinc plate. Assure that bonded thru-hull underwater lights, trim tabs, and other appendages are properly connected.