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J1939 Gauge

J1939 Started as a communication and diagnostics tool in the car and heavy duty truck industry, J1939 is quickly becoming the norm in engine communications bus data for many more industustries. Faria Beede has worked with this protocol from its beginning. Today we provide many solutions for the different industries to have adopted J1939.

The J1939 specification – with its engine, transmission, and brake message definitions – is dedicated to diesel engine applications. It has largely replaced J1587/J1708 networks. J1939 is capable of performing all of the functions of J1708/J1587 as well as the control system support and any one application may utilize one or the other or both of these networks.

J1939 uses the CAN protocol which permits any device to transmit a message on the network when the bus is idle. Every message includes an identifier which defines the message priority, who sent it, and what data it contains. Collisions are avoided due to the arbitration process that occurs while the identifier is transmitted. This permits high priority messages to get through with low latency (delay) times because there is equal access on the network for any device