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Glomex 10″ Sharkfin T.V. Antenna + Gain Control Amplifier





Kit includes the following items:

  • GXV9112/1200 – 14″ Shark Fin T.V. Antenna
  • GXV9139/20 – Coax Cable, Twin Screening, 66′
  • 50023/98SR12 Amplifier – 12V
  • GXV9143 – TV set Cord, 5′
  • Mount (optional)

V9112/1200 is provided with the 50023/98SR12 amplifier. The 50023/98SR12 amplifier is provided with A/B switch function which, if an alternative TV connection is available (for instance from dock), allows cut off the TV-signal reception of your antenna and to receive directly from another source.

If matched with a splitter V9147 (2-way, optional) installed between the antenna and the amplifier, it can also receive AM-FM-radio frequencies.


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Glomex 10″ T.V. Antenna GXV9112 + Gain Control + Mount (optional)




The V9112/1200 is renewed in design and performance keeping the essential style that is the ideal solution for any type of boat. V9112/1200 is also characterized by compact dimensions (diameter 370mm / 14”) and high quality materials. Nashira is distinguished by an innovative design based to the new pinnacle as a “shark fin” (high 55mm /2,2”), for receiving vertically polarized TV signals, that fits perfectly on the new radome with aerodynamic lines. The new reinforced base, coupled with the Glomex exclusive micro-fused, electro-polished and hand polished stainless steel mount (code V9172), ensures the best antenna’s stability in any sea conditions. Thanks to vertical pinnacle inside the “shark fin”, Nashira can receive polarized TV signals both horizontally and vertically, thus it is the ideal solution for any type of boat, sailboat or motorboat. The terrestrial signal quality, either analog or digital, can also be tuned by turning the amplifier.



Antenna Type TV
Base Diameter 1″ (25mm)
Antenna Size 10″
Antenna Height 7″ (185mm), 9.5″ (240mm) with vertical rod
Included Amplifier GX50023/98SR12
Angle of Reception 360 deg
Frequency Range 40-890 Mhz
Polarization Horizontal/Vertical
Noise Factor 2.1 dB
Impedance 75 ohms
Gain Average 27.5 dB
Power Consumption 45 mA
Power Supply 12Vdc// 24Vdc
Warranty Lifetime

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Add a mount to your Antenna!

Sharkfin Antenna without Mount, Sharkfin Antenna w/ Mount V9123, Sharkfin Antenna w/ Mount V9124, Sharkfin Antenna w/ Mount V9173


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