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Glomex 10″ Sharkfin T.V. Antenna + Gain Control Amplifier





Kit includes the following items:

  • GXV9125/1200 – 10″ TV Antenna

  • GXV9139/20 – Coax Cable, Twin Screening, 66’

  • GX50023/98SR12 – 12V Amplifier 
  • GXV9143 – TV Set Cord, 5′
  • Stainless Steel Mount (optional) 

V9112/1200 is provided with the 50023/98SR12 amplifier. The 50023/98SR12 amplifier is provided with A/B switch function which, if an alternative TV connection is available (for instance from dock), allows cut off the TV-signal reception of your antenna and to receive directly from another source.

If matched with a splitter V9147 (2-way, optional) installed between the antenna and the amplifier, it can also receive AM-FM-radio frequencies.

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Glomex 10″ Sharkfin T.V. Antenna + Gain Control Amp + Mount (optional)

Item Number: GXV9125/1200 with GX50023/98SR12 12VAmplifier

Add one of the following mounts to complete your installation:GX50023-98EC_small

GXV9124 – S.S. Surface Mount// 
GXV9123 S.S. Masthead Mount //
 GXV9172 S.S. Angled Mount for Shark Fin Antennas

Antenna Type Glomex TV antenna
Included Amplifier GX50023/98RS12
Antenna Diameter 10″ (250mm)
Base Diameter 1″ (25mm)
Radome Material UV resistant ASA
Antenna Height 5″ (120mm); 5.9″ (151mm) with vertical rod
Angle of Reception 360 deg
Polarization Horizontal/Vertical
Frequency Range 40-890 Mhz
Noise Factor 2.2 dB
Impedance 75 ohms
Gain Average 26 dB
Power Consumption 20 mA
Power Supply 12VDC
Warranty Lifetime


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Add a mount to your order!

Sharkfin Antenna Without Mount, Antenna W/ Mount V9123, Antenna W/ Mount V9173, Antenna W/ Mount V9124


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