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12V Electronic Bilge Pump Switch – 230, 20 Amp



The Water Witch 230 or 230-24 is a submersible electronic bilge pump switch which allows boat owners to forever rid themselves of the archaic outdated float switch. They have no moving parts, requires no adjustments and works in an oily bilge. This eliminates the chance of your battery dying or your pump burning out because of a failed mechanical switch. Water need only touch the lower sensor for 6-8 seconds to activate the switch. The delay eliminates pump stutter and once water has left the sensor, the switch continues to run the pump an additional 14 seconds to clear the output hose. Temperature, humidity or electrical noise will not affect this switch, nor will the 230 interfere with other electronics. This switch comes with an unprecedented 7 year lim- ited warranty and is in use by both the Canadian and U.S. Coast Guards.



  • No moving parts & no electrolysis
  • Impermeable to all bilge substances
  • Activates when water touches lower sensor
  • Will not interfere with other electronics
  • Will not pump a bilge full of gas, diesel or oil
  • Easy to install and mounts at any angle
  • 30” lead of 16 gauge tinned copper wire
  • 7 year unbeatable limited warranty
  • Exceeds both United States Coast Guard and U.L. Standards

Model  230

  • Power Required: 12Vdc (Model  230)    24/32Vdc  (Model 230-24) 
  • Power used:  .006 Amps
  • Size: 2 5⁄8”W x1 5⁄8”H x 1 5⁄8”D
  • Weight:  7 ounces
  • Delay on:  6-8 seconds
  • Delay off: 15 seconds
  • Capacity:  230-20 amps @ 12 Vdc // 230-24 15 amps @ 24 Vdc

230 tech

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Model Number



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