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Reference Zinc Anode Isolation Bolt



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  • Reference Zinc for use with AC DC Marine, Inc. Corrosion Monitors
  • Reference cell for electro guard corrosion system


  • Material : Zinc Bolt with Brass washers , double brass nuts
  • Adjustable to hull thickness

How to Use

  1. Electrons flow from the anode, the metal that is more chemically active (the aluminum drive unit), via the external conducting path to the cathode, the metal that is less chemically active (the stainless steel prop).
  2. When this happens, the more chemically active metal atoms become ions (an atom with one or more electrons either missing or added) and break away into the water, where they can bond to oxygen ions, with which they can share electrons and produce aluminum oxide. This is the same process iron ions go through when combining with oxygen ions in water to form iron oxide.
  3. The newly formed aluminum oxide molecules either drift away in the water or settle on the surface of the aluminum. Your lower unit is literally dissolving through galvanic corrosion.

Reference Zinc – Data Sheet.PDF

Assembled in Southern California


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Weight 1 lbs

4" x 3"


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