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Black Detroit Diesel Marine Engine Instrument Panel VDO gauges view line ivory



Black Detroit Diesel Marine Engine Instrument Panel

Fog resistant  Marine Grade Gauges:

  1. 4000 RPM Programmable Tachometer with Digital Hour Meter 7 character LCD display
  2. 250ºF Temperature Gauge
  3. 80 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge
  4. 12 VDC Voltmeter
  5. Fuel gauge
  6. Tachometer Hourmeter features:
    • Electronic tachometers work by counting pulses generated by the ignition system, alternator, tach signal generator or magnetic pickup sender.
    • Hooked up to +12vDC, Ground and your signal source.
    • updates in .1 increments
    • 0-999999.9 Hours
    • 7 character LCD display
    • The analog looking dial and pointer sweep is driven by a digital stepper motor providing greater accuracy and dependability than magnetically wound gauges. You get the advantages of digital instrumentation with the look and feel of the analog gauges.
    • Sealed Ignition Key Switch by Littelfuse Features:
      • Sealed Key Switch With Anti-restart
      • Set of keys included
      • With anti-restart. [So you are prevented from double cranking the engine]
      • 10A at 12V
      • Four positions: Accessory – Off – Ignition/Accessory – Start. Spring return to Off.
      • Keyswitch is constructed from engineering thermoplastic and is fully sealed using O-rings and ultrasonic welding to protect switch to ip67(with connector installed)
      • Plastic facenut and nickel-plated brass backing nut. Supplied with two matching keys. With protective key boot.
      • Sealed to IP67
      • Marine Grade Wire Features:
        • Copper tinned
        • flexible
        • spark-proof
        • wired with ABYC Color code
        • 10″ to 12″ Pigtail Harness connected to 12 position terminal strip
        • Additional Features:
          • Marine grade push button Switch (Engine Stop or Pre-heat)
          • 2 tone Pizzo Siren Alarm
          • Senders and Accessories not Included
          • Engraved with Engine Name
          • LED warning lights for low oil pressure and hi temperature
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img-20170802-wa0011 New Black Detroit Diesel engine panel  12″ x 6 5/8″, VDO gauges View line ivory