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? Yanmar B2-Type Instrument Panel 11″X 5.75″






Panel Material: UV Resistant

Dimensions: 11″ x 5.75″

VDO Marine Grade Gauges: please use the link provided below to determine which tachometer you need.

  1. 4,000 RPM 3 3/8″ (85mm) Tachometer with 2 Hourmeters, Clock and Voltmeter 12/24V
  2. 250ºF Temperature Gauge
  3. 80 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge
  4. 12 VDC Voltmeter

Programmable Tachometer features:

  • Electronic tachometers work by counting pulses generated by the ignition system, alternator, tach signal generator or magnetic pickup sender.
  • Hooked up to +12vDC, Ground and your signal source.
  •  User defined rev. limit warning
  • LCD display for total hours
  • 7 character LCD display
  • Resettable hours
  • voltage and clock
  • 4,000 RPM 3 3/8″ (85mm) Tachometer with 2 Hourmeters, Clock and Voltmeter
  • Accepts signal inputs from electronic controlled ignitions with tachometer output terminal, standard coil ignition, alternator signal and 12V
  • The analog looking dial and pointer sweep is driven by a digital stepper motor providing greater accuracy and dependability than magnetically wound gauges. You get the advantages of digital instrumentation with the look and feel of the analog gauges.

Sealed Ignition Key Switch by Littelfuse Features:

  • Sealed Key Switch With Anti-restart
  • Set of keys included
  • With anti-restart. [So you are prevented from double cranking the engine]
  • 10A at 12V
  • Four positions: Accessory – Off – Ignition/Accessory – Start. Spring return to Off.
  • Keyswitch is constructed from engineering thermoplastic and is fully sealed using O-rings and ultrasonic welding to protect switch to ip67(with connector installed)
  • Plastic facenut and nickel-plated brass backing nut. Supplied with two matching keys. With protective key boot.
  • Sealed to IP67

Marine Grade Wire Features:

  • Copper tinned
  • flexible
  • spark-proof
  • wired with ABYC Color code
  • 10″ to 12″ Pigtail Harness connected to 12 position terminal strip

12 Circuit 30 Amp Terminal Strip Features

  • Closed back design completely insulates power from the mounting surface
  • Each screw pair is one isolated circuit
  • Jumpers allow creation of common circuits

Additional Features:

  • Marine grade push button Switch (Engine Stop or Pre-heat)
  • Dual Sound Piezzo Siren Alarm
  • Hi Temp Warning LED Light
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning LED Light
  • Senders and Accessories not Included
  • Engraved with Engine Name



Installation Instructions. for AC DC Inc Panels. PDF

Programmable Tachometer Instruction Manual. PDF

Made & Designed in Southern California.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Gauge Colors


Panel Color



10" x 5 ¾"


Programmable RPM Gauge w/ Magnetic Pickup, Non-Programmable RPM Gauge w/ Alternator Pickup


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