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Veethree Pressure Sender – 80 PSI Single 240-33 Ω


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The Veethree Pressure Sender 977011 is a small, robust and reliable unit that measures gas or liquid pressure. It generates an electrical signal as a function of pressure imposed and give this to electrical gauge/display. This model is the preferred pressure sender for automotive use, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, marine and off road applications where long-term performance under demanding condition is required.


  • High accuracy
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Rugged design
  • High reliability


  • Part No.: 977011
  • Range: 0-80 PSI
  • Resistance (Ohms): 240-33
  • Thread: 1/8″-27NPT
  • IR/ER: ER
  • Mounting: Any orientation permissible
  • Over Pressure Safety: 3 time of maximum pressure range (Short periods only for 2 seconds)
  • Vibration: Qualified at 4.2g, 10-2000-10Hz.
  • Operating Voltage: 6-24V
  • Leak Test: Passes 41kpa ±4kpa as per SAE J1810
  • Cover Material: CRCA steel equivalent ASTM A 1008
  • Housing Material: CRCA steel equivalent ASTM A 1008
  • Diaphragm Material: Beryllium copper
  • Contact Spring Material: Phosphor Bronze spring as per BS:2870
  • Contact Material: Silver
  • Terminal Stud Material: Brass
  • Resistive Element: Wire wound (Nickle chrome resistance wire)
  • Dimensions: See image #2
  • Note: Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environment considerations.


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