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Dual Pyrometer 3-13F EGT Gauge


AC DC Inc. - Marine Electronics

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A pyrometer is a type of thermometer used to measure high temperatures. Various forms of pyrometers have historically existed. In the modern usage, it is a non-contacting device that intercepts and measures thermal radiation, a process known as pyrometry. The thermal radiation can be used to determine the temperature of an object’s surface, in this case your marine engine.

Dual Pyrometer 3-13F EGT Gauge require no power. NEVER apply vehicle voltage to pyrometer terminals, damage beyond repair will occur.


  • Pyrometer Gauge, dual, 2” diameter.
  • 300ºF – 1300ºF
  • 100º dual arc sweep.
  • Back-light illumination.
  • Various bezel styles and pointer colors available.

Benefits of Using a Pyrometer

  • Longer engine life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Less lubrication oil dilution
  • Lubrication oil stays clean much longer
  • Exhaust emissions drop to a minimum
  • Malfunctions indicated before excessive damage occurs

Excessive exhaust temperature is a major damaging factor to all engines. The best way to monitor this temperature is with the use of a pyrometer. Excessive exhaust temperature is caused by an upset fuel/air ratio or more fuel in the engine than there is air to support it. This condition can occur as a result of over throttling, a dirty air cleaner, different fuels, a malfunctioning fuel system, change of altitude, an out of tune engine and many other causes. But whatever the cause, a pyrometer indicates this condition before serious damage occur

The pyrometer instrument should be mounted securely to minimize vibration;  flexible brackets are not advised.  Locate in best viewing position.  If lamp is removed during installation, lamp hole should be plugged or taped over to prevent dirt or metal particles from contaminating the movement.

Dual Pyrometer Installation & Wiring Instructions. PDF

C:Hewitt - Released DocumentsHewitt Drawings (for Customers HI

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Bezel Type

Black, Stainless Steel

Need Leadwire and Thermocouple (not included)

Lead Wire, ISA type “K” extension wire


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