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Pyrometer Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge


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Pyrometer Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

Our Pyrometers consist of a temperature-sensing thermocouple that is placed in the area, or flow, to be measured. The thermocouple is connected to a gauge, which is located a safe distance away from the high temperature source. On a diesel, this means the pyrometer sensing thermocouple is mounted in the exhaust manifold or immediately after the turbine outlet of the turbocharger, and the gauge is mounted in the captain’s compartment.

  • Designed to measure high temperatures above those measurable with an average thermometer.
  • EGT Gauge
  • A custom AC DC Inc.™ Gauge to measure temperature of the engine exhaust.
  • Fahrenheit Degree Measurement
  • Choose from Black or White display
  • Illuminated Pointed and Backlit LED Dial
  • 12 VDC Internal Illumination
  • Pointer color – Red fluorescent
  • Stainless Steel Polished Bezel
  • A standard 2“ hole installation

Additional Information

EGT (exhaust gas temperature)  is an indication of how hot the combustion process is in the cylinders, and the amount of “afterburning” that is occurring in the exhaust manifold. EGT is also directly related to the air/fuel ratio. The richer the air/fuel ratio in a diesel, the higher the EGT will be. Two things can create a rich mixture under heavy loads or at full throttle: the first is too much fuel, and the second is not enough air. That seems simple enough, but it’s the second part, not enough air, that could get a stock, unmodified truck or motorhome in trouble. Anything that restricts intake airflow, or intake air density, limits the air mass that gets to the cylinders.

Dual Pyrometer Installation & Wiring Instructions. PDF

Made In The United States


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Display Color

Black, White


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