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Non-Programmable Tachometer with Digital Hourmeter 4000 RPM (alternator pickup)



The analog looking dial and pointer sweep is driven by a digital stepper motor providing greater accuracy and dependability than magnetically wound gauges. You get the advantages of digital instrumentation with the look and feel of the analog gauges.

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The Alternator Tach which is also called the variable ratio tachometer, is hooked up to the AC output terminal on the alternator. This terminal can be marked in a variety of different ways: AC, AUX., S, R, TACH, or nothing at all. Once installed, the tach is then calibrated to that specific engine by using a shop tach or a known “no load” governor speed. The white label on this tach gives the formula: [Crankshaft pulley dia./alternator pulley dia x NO. of Alt. Poles = N] “N” is used to determine the correct switch setting. Another adjustment on the back allows for fine tuning.

Please check the type of RPM signal your engine has, we have all three tachometers available for purchase.


  • 4000 RPM
  • Stainless steel silver bezel
  • Fog resistant glass lens
  • American Standard Resistance Reading
  • Large Numerals – User Friendly
  • Full 2 year Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Measures app. 4″ across including bezel
  • Uses a 3 3/8″ cutout.
  • Made exclusively for AC DC Brand Instruments by Faria-Beede® Instruments


  • Works with Diesel engines
  • 10,000 hour hourmeter
  • Dial: Custom styles available
  • Pointer: Back Lit with Hub
  • Lens: Glass
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Display: 7 Character LCD
  • Backlighting: Diffused LED light for display.
    Graphics turn red when lit.
  • Signal Input:  Alternator Pickup
  • Min. Frequency: 1 PPR (33.33 Hz)
  • Max. Frequency: 200PPR (13,333 Hz)
  • Wire Termination: Packard Connectors
  • 4″ – Hole size: 3.375″ (85mm)


Made in The United States

Installation Instructions for Variable Ratio Tachometer .PDF

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Weight 1 lbs
Gauge Color

Black, White


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