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Blue Sea AC Digital Multi-Function Meter with Alarm


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Blue Sea AC Digital Multi-Function Meter with Alarm

  • Displays amperage from 0 to 150 Amps
  • Displays voltage from 80 to 270 Volts
  • Displays power from 0 to 35 Kilowatts
  • Displays frequency from 40 to 90 Hertz
  • High and low voltage and high amperage alarms, both audio and visual
  • 3 levels of display brightness
  • Programmable sleep mode blanks display for power conservation
  • Splashproof front
  • Includes current transformer
Meter Current
Alarms High and low voltage
High current
Display Character Size 0.5625in (14.29 mm)
Input Voltage 80-249V
Minimum Power Consumption 1 Watt
Sleep Mode Programmable
Weight 0.72lb (0.33 kg)


AC Analog Instruction Manual. PDF


Additional information

Weight 0.72 lbs


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