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80 Amp AC Source Selection Circuit Breaker Panel




Complete with a lockout slide to insure that no 2 AC sources are connected at the same time. 

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Heavy Duty (HD) AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel


  • Dimensions: 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″
  • Brushed Aluminum Panel
  • Magnetic Hydraulic – trip free 80 Amp/80 Amp Double Pole Main circuit breakers [Blue Sea Part Number 7256]
    • C-Series breakers by Blue Sea Systems (Carling Technologies Parts).
  • Red reverse polarity LED indicators.
  • Green LED light to indicate shore power or inverter run.
  • Illuminated labels
  • Labels pictured are included.

Added HD Features:

  • 2 Position Lockout slide – allows only 1 of a pair of double-pole AC circuit breakers of the correct amperage.
  • Guarantees that AC power from 2 sources (power company and genset or inverter) will not be mixed


Blue Sea 80A Circuit Breaker 7256 Specifications:

 Shore Power/Inverter Selector Switch – Tech Sheet

Handcrafted & Designed in the United States

Quality Guaranteed

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Weight 4 lbs
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Gen 1, Shore 1, Shore 1, Shore 2, Shore 1, Inverter 1, Inverter 1, Inverter 2, Gen 1, Gen 2, Inverter 1, Gen 1


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