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At AC DC Marine we proudly feature Water Witch, Inc. because they offer a diverse line of products including Alarms, Bilge Switches, High Water Switches, Bilge Monitors, Programmable Timers, Cycle Counters, and Hour Meters. The Bilge and High Water switches make perfect replacements for old, unreliable float switches.
Alarms keep you informed on activity in the bilge. The Programmable Timers allow you to time how long power is applied to your bilge pump or blower.
Intuitive Cycle Counters allow you to keep track of pump cycles over periods of 24 hours, 7 days, and 14 days
The Digital Hour Meters give a convenient and easy to read digital display and also a resettable trip meter
Bilge Monitors offers a comprehensive integration of the functions found in our other products by acting as an alarm, a cycle counter, and a manual/automatic pump control