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Cole Hersee Rocker Switch Hole Plug 98628


  • For snap-in mounting of any regular size switch such as 56027, 58031, 58332, 58311 and 58312 series.
  • Bezels can be arranged in a parallel array of any length.
  • Bezels themselves can snap into a panel, or be mounted with the Bracket Mounting Kit. Height 1.90″ (48.3mm).
  • Two units are 2.37″W x 2.30″H (60.2 x 58.4mm).
  • Mounting hole in panel should be 2.02″W x 1.90″H (51.3 x 48.3mm) for two bezels. Add 1.03″W (26.2mm) for each additional unit.
  • Snaps in to 82159-1 or 82159-2 or standard rocker switch cutouts.



Switch type Rocker accessory
Description Rocker Switch panel hole plug
Circuitry Not applicable
Electrical rating Not applicable
Contacts Not applicable
Housing Not applicable
Up position Not applicable
Center position Not applicable
Down position Not applicable
Terminals Not applicable
Actuator material Not applicable
Actuator type Not applicable
Actuator: inches Not applicable
Actuator: mm Rocker Switch panel hole plug
Actuator color Black
Actuator imprint Not applicable
Lens 1 color Not applicable
Lens 2 color Not applicable
Lens 1 size Not applicable
Lens 2 size Not applicable
Lens 1 imprint None
Lens 2 imprint None
Imprint color None
Bezel type Plastic, Black
Bezel size Not applicable
Mounting Panel snap-in
Panel thickness .093″ (2.37mm) to .187″ (4.76mm)
Mounting hole: inches 1.45″ x .830″
Mounting hole: mm 36.83mm x 21.08mm
Min qty No




Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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